Six Pack ABS with NO EXERCISE!

Do you want sexy six pack abs but don't want to workout? Now you don't have to. Introducing ABSmatic! The only tool you need to get awesome abs without doing a single exercise.

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Introducing ABSmatic

Do you want sexy six pack abs, but don’t want to work out? Now you don’t have to! Introducing ABSmatic, the only tool that you need to get awesome ABS without doing a single exercise. ABSmatic is the revolutionary new tool to get rock hard high definition abs without doing a single painful sit up, boring crunches or even getting off the couch!

Amazing Results

  • Easy to use and it’s safe for everyone young and old
  • Get six pack ABS with zero work
  • Get the ripped look you have always wanted
  • Look like you never leave the gym without doing a single exercise
  • Improve abdominal muscle tone

The Fastest ABS System EVER!

In just seconds, that’s right we said seconds! You will get the sexy six pack ABS everyone will be talking about.

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Easy to use

Load A Photo

Load a photo from your photo album, use one of our sample photos or take a new photo using the built in camera on your device


Browse the different ABS and tap the one you would like to add to your photo. Once added to the photo you can adjust the size, rotation and placement of the ABS then use the Opacity tool to adjust the transparency to match your photo perfectly

Save & Share

When you are done with your photo hit the save button and you can save the photo to your photo album on your device or share it via email, facebook and twitter. You will not believe the comments you will get!

Trick your friends or motivate yourself

Use ABSmatic to trick your friends by showing off your hot new body or use it to motivate yourself to do that extra workout. The results are amazing and it’s so easy to use it only takes a few seconds to get an awesome photo done and posted to Twitter, Facebook or send it via email.

ABSmatic is so easy it can be used anywhere!

  • While watching TV
  • At the office
  • At the beach
  • At the movies
  • During school
  • While using the restroom
  • At fancy dinner parties
  • At a protest
  • At a family reunion and you don’t want to talk to your relatives
  • While waiting in line at the bank
Designed for iPhone and iPad Graphic

A Universal iOS App

This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad

App Features

  • Designed for retina on both iPad and iPhone
  • Over 30 male and female abs to choose from
  • Easy to use interface
  • Advanced editing tools with Eraser, Flip and Opacity controls
  • Load a photo or take a new one using the camera on your device
  • Twitter, Facebook and Email integration

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Posted my “ABSmatic” photo to Facebook, 3 of my exes messaged me that very day! I told them to eat it… ha ha

John Michael

I had a photo of me at the beach… it was okay, I added definition abs with ABSmatic and now the photo is amazing! If models can cheat their photos why can’t I?

Jennifer Myers

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